I did not post regularly to my blog at all. In fact the most popular posts were related to some scripts I wrote to facilitate backups using 7-zip many many years ago.

I have since shutdown the blog and replaced the site with a very simple html page.

The scripts are available on this repository:

The scripts in "Using 7-zip and batch files to perform backups automatically" post are available under the v1 tag:

The scripts in "Simpler version of the 7-Zip backup" post are available under the v2 tag:

If you have got this far and interested in whether I still use them today? Yes I do but only for certain specific things.

As you might expect backup techniques and strategies have changed over the years. These days I am using NextCloud and syncing across multiple devices and drives to my NAS.

My source code is hosted on Github and mirrored to a private Gitea instance as an alternative backup.